Highest quality assured in all our items including PP Foot Valve With Flange End, HDPE Electro Fusion Coupler, PP Threaded Adapter, etc.
About Us

Different variants of industrial items such as pipes, valves, coupler, fittings and others are continuously demanded throughout the market and our company, Kailash Poly Plast, has managed to meet these rising needs successfully. Since the year 2007, we have been working as a manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of the best quality of industrial equipment. Our wide range of items, including PP Hose Nipple Flange End, HDPE Extra Long Pipe End, PP Foot Valve With Flange End, HDPE Round Blind Flange, HDPE Long Neck Pipe End, etc., have always fulfilled the needs of customers as we assure their excellent quality as well as the lowest price range compared to other firms in the market. Moreover, we also ensure utmost transparency while dealing with our esteemed customers.

Our Strengths

The strengths of our company can be best represented by the following points:

  • We research the industry in great detail and by evaluating the emerging developments, we upgrade our selection accordingly.
  • We carry out a rigorous competitive analysis in order to stay abreast of others at all points of time.
  • We quote the most minimal price across our range in the market.
  • We constantly aim to retain the greatest number of clients in our business.


We are empowered with a modernized infrastructure to satisfy the ever-increasing demand of all our products. It has been developed in line with contemporary architecture design and erected in such a way that all operations can be carried out effortlessly. Our infrastructural plant is combined with an amazing manufacturing unit that is fitted with all the latest machines, equipment and of course, an outstanding team to process the ideal product line, including HDPE Round Blind Flange, HDPE Long Neck Pipe End, PP Hose Nipple Flange End, HDPE Solid Seal Valve, PP Foot Valve With Flange End, and so forth. 

Our Team

The most significant part of our company is the team with which we are supported. The professionals have broad years of experience and are employed at our company after having completed many assessments and examinations. In order to achieve the greatest performance, our team conducts their duties professionally and addresses the demands of the customers appropriately.
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